This review of 'Theurgy, The Art of Effective Worship' appeared in 'The Theosophical Journal', Volume 6 Issue 3, May-June. 1965 at page 39. Recreated with the generous assistance of the Campbell Theosophical Research Library Australia.


The Art of Effective Worship.

Mouni Sadhu. Allen & Unwin. 30s.

Literally translated, theurgy means the work of God; it has come to mean the practice of deepest mystical prayer. This book will prove exciting reading for those who believe in the efficacy of prayer, who enjoy ritual and who are attracted to Bhakti Yoga and mysticism. For others who maybe working along meditative, studious and occult lines, this book will open the doors to new lines of thought and will explain the meanings of prayers and rituals.

With the sound commonsense we have come to expect from this author, Mouni Sadhu explains the background and purposes of theurgy and gives the basic laws, conditions and rules of conduct for correct operations. He gives prayers, blessings and exorcisms suitable for many lines of work, including healing and other help, and also general enlightenment. The prayers recommended for use have been carefully selected and are well-explained. Practical methods of operation have been chosen as particularly suitable for twentieth century man.

Theurgic practice is not to be undertaken lightly but for those who are filled with an ardent desire to be of real service and who have an abundance of faith, hope and love this book is a practical manual of study.

The only criticism, of this otherwise excellent book, is of the manner in which Mouni Sadhu refers to his own earlier works. It leaves one with the feeling that without reading them one has perhaps missed the point. However admirable these books are in themselves, this new work would be better treated as completely independent.

Helen M. Gething.