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Comments from the Compiler

What propels a person to explore the world of subjective mysteries. To become more than one's mundane inheritance? To elevate ones intellect above others? Every seeker would do well to discover in themselves the initial spark which ignited their curiosity for that beyond the simple senses. There are those who naively seek to use spirituality as a means to power, fame and fortune. No doubt there are also those for whom the draw to greater life and completeness of self is more involved at birth. Eventually, even a fool becomes wise in his folly, for systems great and small ultimately fail and succeed when their limits are reached.

I have been a long time fan of the books by Mouni Sadhu and have created this site out of historical respect. In the course of building this web site, I have enjoyed rereading his works and again knowing why they hold a special place in my libros. Through this project I've been given a glimpse of the world from over the shoulder of a sincere seeker and practitioner. I may understand a little more now the world from which he came, a little of his teachers and the persecutions of his time. It serves no good to worship nor diminish Mouni Sadhu's personality, so I have refrained from excluding material that may be seen as being critical of him or politically incorrect. The numbers of those who actually knew him are declining daily so I invite those who did, to write their experience of him and share it here.

Nothing that I have found diminishes Mouni Sadhu's contribution to my enlightenment. In fact, sensing his humanness elevates my fellowship with him and his works. When I read the letters between he and George Allen (of Allen & Unwin), I find a quite human author very concerned with publishing his books. Correspondence and interviews with those who knew him have revealed only a small part of his personality, but soundly confirm his sincerity, humanness, loves and satisfactions. It does not matter to me whether his book, 'The Tarot', was based largely on that of G.O.Mebes, and he acknowledges as much himself. There are speculations and stories about events in his life, most of which could never be confirmed nor denied and they are included here only as illustration. Mouni's translations, enlargements and additions are timeless and serve well to bring his subjects forward and relevant to my own journey.

Mouni Sadhu left little of his personal history for perusal, yet throughout his books we find him often reminiscent of his brief time with Sri Maharshi Ramana or referring to his earlier days in the Occult circles of Eastern Europe. Details of Mouni Sadhu's life from various sources do contradict as to dates and spellings and these will be corrected as more information arrives. He was self promoting throughout his works which indicates to me that he would probably have approved of this effort.

I hope this effort brings you the same peace of mind it has brought me. Mouni Sadhu was not so different from you nor I. He held his teachers in high regard, yet showed that only through faith, discipline, personal questioning, experience and practice could the deep fragrance of true self be ultimately enjoyed.