This review of 'Samadhi' appeared in 'The Theosophical Journal', Volume 3 Issue 4, Jul-Aug. 1962 at page 25. Recreated with the generous assistance of the Campbell Theosophical Research Library Australia.


The Superconsciousness of the Future.

Mouni Sadhu. Allen & Unwin. 21s.

This book is the last of a mystic trilogy, which began with In Days of great Peace (The Highest Yoga as Lived) and was based on the author's experience in the presence of the Great Rishi Ramana Maharshi, a living example of true attainment considered by many to be the foremost spiritual authority of our epoch. The second work, Concentration, is an outline for practical study and a necessary book for the student wishing to follow seriously the teachings given in this final volume, Samadhi (The Superconsciousness of the Future).

The author, well informed on Western and Eastern Occultism, gives a preliminary outline on theories of the higher worlds and warns of the necessity for discrimination in examining the nature of the subtle senses. In order to enter the bliss of the pure living consciousness he emphasized the necessity to transcend the limited mind. When we are ready, he says, superconsciousness in Samadhi is attainable whether we are in a London flat or in an Indian hermitage-ashram.

E. Carlile.